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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The saga of Gobhi Manchurian

When we were in school, there weren't many options for eating out - at most, this indulgence was restricted to an occasional evening of eating typical Delhi street food- chaat, gol-gappe, aloo-tikki or samosa with my mom.
When I got into college - run by a very prominent NGO from South India - I acquired a serious taste for South Indian fare that the college canteen offered (those idlis were definitely to die for). A little later, strengthened by our scholarships and some allowance from our parents, we ventured out to nearby "restaurants" - where you could either get South Indian; or so called Chinese. I always gravitated towards the South Indian fare at these excursions, just because someone, somewhere told me that the "soy sauce" used in Chinese food was made from fish.  In a country, at a time, where food labels were practically non-existent, it was easy to accept information from others (it may be hard to believe; but there was an era when iPhones or Google were unheard of :-)) The only Chinese food I'd eat was fortune cookies!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Spring & Roll I come.

A nagging, little devil somewhere inside of me surfaces now and again. It prods and prods till I finally break down and do what it asks of me. This particular one, I battled with for a really long time. With a battery of perfectly good excuses - I didn't know how to make them, I was too busy, the mission was too involved, I had no supplies, and no one, except me, wanted them anyway. " But you have the recipe", the devil said.

" You're not that busy- don't you watch TV for two hours straight every night?"

" Aren't you going for groceries soon?"