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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A July update; and sweet welcome to August.

This past month was a god-send in terms of catching up with my reading. I was on complete bed rest for the first two weeks, and up and about with restrictions for the other two. Between hours of wait time at doctor's office and the luxury of chauffered drives to those visits, I managed to browse through numerous magazines. Then after I got my fill of day-time soaps and started to get antsy, A even drove me to the library to replenish my reading. Of the four books that I picked up, I actually finished three (and a half)- a pretty good feat considering that of late, I have really fallen behind. Now that I am back to work, reading times will again be few and far between. Till then, here is what I read.

Friday, July 22, 2011

This & That; Plus some more. (And an almost recipe)

Raspberry Sharbat/Preserve
I was supposed to post this piece in June. But as always; more late than ever! This is what comes of excessive planning; is my lesson to myself. I had my blog posts for June all very well organized in my head. The content, the themes, the events. And it actually went well for the first couple of weeks, and then - life happenned; figurately speaking of course! Which is all right, because now, I get to not only talk about what I read in June this year, but also what culinary inspirations came out of it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

@ Random

We've seen the brightest, sunniest days of the season this week.  And that's left me with a lot of feel-good feelings that I have to vent.  I came home from work yesterday to a quiet house: A had taken the girls swimming. That one hour of solitude gave me a chance to sit out on the deck and soak up the beauty that lay there. My lawn actually looks lush now, no brown anywhere and more grass than weeds. A big change from just a week ago when I thought it'd be brown all the summer. And I absolutely love the smell of fresh cut grass- sort of reminds me of the earthy smell of the first monsoon rain back home. The outdoors is so inviting and cheery ....bright sun, a riot of colors everywhere.