Born in New Delhi, India, I landed half way across the globe in the US one cold April morning in 2001. Finally settled in Philadelphia in 2006.  My hands are quite full as a wife, mother of two young girls,  and a full-time scientist. I used to keep a daily diary back in India, but haven't written anything except what is required of me at work since then. My pre-occupation with food began as a result of trying to get my older daughter  to eat something other than cheese pizzas. Recently, I started following some food blogs; and that got my writer's fingers itching. I wanted to experiment with writing again, and so this blog was born. Although primarily a food blog, you will actually see vignettes of me in here. In my mind, I  see this blog end up being my substitute for a daily diary!  I was never a homebody, but in the past couple of years, I have developed a liking for my kitchen. I potter around, and try out recipes that I pick from the internet.

 My interests are traveling and reading. Or the other way around. I love to read, and we travel as and when we can. I am a voracious reader; can devour anything and everything. A lot of my day time reading is work-related. But at night, I love to curl up with a book just for fun. And I am not picky or judgemental about my readings. My fondest memories are my childhood reads. Nowadays, my book-times depend a lot on how energetic my kids have been that evening...and the books I pick up are more for entertainment than intellectual nourishment. My older one is showing signs of having inherited the reading bug, and for that, I'm really grateful.

I've traveled my fair share around the globe. Unfortunately, that is one aspect that I haven't recorded well till now. Well, I plan on setting that right, right here.  This site will be a short chronicle of both my travels, and travails in the kitchen. And we'll garnish it with a bit of reading, as and when the mood strikes!