Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day - and my 200th post

I recently heard on radio that has come up with logistics to calculate work hours of “mom” job; and according to them, a stay-at-home mom deserves a salary of 130,000$ per year. Of the jobs assigned to a mom, a few include being a driver, cook, facilities manager, teacher and computer operator. In case you are wondering, that figure is estimated at the rate of “per child”! Which to me, seems all fair. Of course A isn’t home for me to throw the hatchet at, but when he returns, he better find a way to pay me back for for the past 12+years - with interest, no less :-) What made my day even better was reading that a dad’s median salary is estimated at at just about $40K a year, assuming he does some amount of cooking, cleaning and laundry! Which of course the dad in my home does not- so he gets nothing!!!

A mom is on the mom-job 365 days a year, without a break. Yet, there’s only one day a year set aside for us to show her we care. I am hearing a lot from friends and family about how acknowledging mom on Mother’s Day is irrelevant and that we should show our appreciation every day. My take on that- please don’t ruin it for us. We know how you mean the love for us all year- I will take you SHOWING it to me once a year very gladly. It is the little gestures that count; big thoughts don’t always travel through unsaid jumble of trivia every day.  

One of the hardest things of growing up has got to be learning how to be a “good mom”. In my opinion- goodness is overrated. It’s being a mom that is the hard part. Kids don’t come with instructions. And everyone of them is different. Juggling personalities with expectations and well-being is just as difficult as it sounds. Don’t take on the job if you are afraid, and once you do step on the path, remember that it is a point of no return.

Hats off to all the ladies whose children grow up to look back on their childhood years with nostalgia, and say that my mom is the best…

Hats off to all the moms of today who are trying to do the best they can for their children. My thought for them- relax. You ARE the best, despite what the neighbor thinks of your kids’s sticky fingers and unwashed hair. Do not be intimidated by those who don’t really matter. Today, this world revolves around you and your little ones. Enjoy that.

And finally, I acknowledge the girls who will be moms in the future. Man, you ladies really have it tough! I can barely keep up with my Generation X (or Y or Z…); can’t imagine what roller coaster your kids’ would take you on…..:-)

And on that happy note, I’ll leave you wishfully dreaming about the millions you should have earned till now….until your reverie gets interrupted by a sticky kiss on the cheek or two screaming devils tearing your house apart. When you find yourself back in life where you were before you stumbled upon this rambling of mine, tell your children’s’ dad what he owes you….and relish that look of horror that passes through! :-)

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!