Thursday, July 24, 2014

On Parenting and Immigration….and my First Byline!

I was recently asked what the challenges the immigrant parents faced in raising children here in USA.

…A few years ago; I’d have answered “none”. After all, rather than the archetypical “immigrant”, I considered myself as a select, educated, metropolitan person who didn’t really have any deep-rooted desire to come to America.  I came; because US beckoned; and gave me a fellowship as well….

…I stayed, because I got too caught up in the life here. Raising a young family while studying didn’t leave much time to dwell or plan….so we drifted along with the tide. And by the time I figured out that I’d like to return to my country; I had adapted enough to feel more at home here in USA, than back “home” in India.

Did I face challenges as an immigrant parent? Yes, of course. But most of those were personal limitations, rather than parenting issues. Not having friends and family around for emotional support; loneliness, especially during the traditional Holidays and an overwhelming sense of individual guilt of not being ….”adequate” as a parent. Everyone goes through that.

But when I sat back to think a bit; I did have a lot of learning to do as an early immigrant. No matter I spoke English, it wasn’t (and still isn’t) the American English. India and USA are culturally as apart as their location geographically. Learning the ropes was a lengthy process. So I decided to sit down and reminisce….my article appeared this week in an online magazine- the IMMPRENEUR. At the risk of tooting my own horn, I am SO EXCITED! My story appears as one of the rotating leads on the home page at

Or, the direct link to the article is here.

Do stop by and give me a few minutes of your time. Would love to get feedback from all of you dear friends out there. Anything youve got to say, Id love to hear. And while youre applauding (or brick batting!) me, tell me your memorable experiences as a new immigrant.