Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year Gone By.....

...and what have I done?
Plenty; but not enough......
As a part of self-improvement plan, I aspired to, and got into a fellowship program. Whether the goal came of  a need for a mid-life career change, or a sense of underachievement, is irrelevant. Just the odds of competing against kids almost half my age, and succeeding, was fulfilling. It hasn't been easy going back to the life of assignments and grades, but I've survived half a year...and I look forward to actually getting back in a classroom at the receiving end this Spring.
I've kept up with this space here...sporadically, but surely. Writing this blog and hearing back from all of you has been uplifting in my darkest moments. Lets just suffice it to say that through you, I've managed to fill in a niche as close to my loved ones as possible.

And finally, I got to spend a week with my niece and nephew after 4 long years. Sometimes, pictures don't tell you enough. Their dad, my brother, is older and fatter...but the kids are cute as a button. My biggest moment- my niece telling me that I made rotis like her grandma- my mom :-) The summer also saw us make unplanned trips to ports of Europe and reconnect with family I hadn't seen since the day I got married. All the memories that will live on forever.

Of accomplishments that I had nothing to do with; but yet like to pat myself on the back - the biggest one is A getting closer to his dreams. He took a big  professional jump a couple of years ago; and now to see him succeed is a sweet cherry on top. Almost wants me to forget that he's actually a do no-gooder ;-)

The kids.....my joy forever. Baby P started to lose her baby teeth, and gained the first nagging doubts regarding existence of Santa Claus. Both signs of her growing up too fast, too soon. Those who know me know how sad I've been with this development. I am going to miss my baby who actually believed me earlier this year when I told her that a mossy stone under a big tree was a fairy playground...the soft moss protecting the fairies from scraping their knees!!

Anya broke a leg- both figuratively and truly. Her dance performances at various stages were well appreciated this year. But then 2 weeks ago, she actually broke her ankle and had surgery. Now it will be a while till she's on her feet again- but she will dance again; I am sure of that.
With all this going on; I only read 35 books this year (according to Goodreads) despite having a goal of reading 52- one a week. Did not take up exercising. Gained 4lbs; instead of losing 5.....Oh well....had to have an agenda for another year, is it not? But I'll wait another week before making and resolutions- I've heard that most of them get broken in the first week :-)

To sum it up; I wish you and your loved ones a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous year ahead. May all your dreams come true. Your days be full of sunshine, and your nights be blessed with comfort of family.