Monday, August 26, 2013

Of 150 ramblings; 4 years; and things gone right....

When the dashboard threw out the number at me, I was surprised. Didn't know I could persist as long as I have, in this blogging atmosphere. A bit over 4years (started on Aug 9th 2009), and this post today will be my 150th. Just goes on to say that I jabber too much :-) Jokes aside, it's your support through all this time that kept the motivation alive.  This blog started as a means to relieve some of those feelings that threatened to suffocate me. It stayed private for a few years, open only to some family and close friends. My Life & Spice became a public blog at the insistence of my "bitter-better half" :-) And there has been no looking back since......

 I couldn't have done it without either A or those of you who are regulars at the blogger site and those that keep the encouragement flowing through my Facebook page. It is for you all that I keep it up through everything else that comes up in everyday life, sharing my trials and errors in the kitchen.

When the number bug hit me; I had great plans. I wanted to write about something festive and special when a blogging milestone came up. Isn't happening. Then I thought that since A is responsible for me keeping up with this hobby, I'd tell you about a simple dish that he really liked - a cream of carrot soup - a first-time experiment based on another soup that I'd tasted at a friend's in fall last year. Pretty successful experiment at that too. This is a super-easy, thick, rich and hearty soup flavored with lemon zest. Ideal for those slightly-chilly evenings that you're starting to experience now that the summer is almost over....

Cream of Carrot soup

Carrots 1/2 pound
Heavy Cream 1/2 cup
V8 original vegetable juice 3/4 cup
Water to substitute
Salt and crushed black pepper to taste
Water to cook the carrots 
zest of 1/2 lemon
Lemon thyme sprigs- a few

  1. Peel, cut and cook the carrots in about 1 cup of water till tender. I did this in a pressure cooker.
  2. Let the carrots cool, then puree them either using a stick blender or food processor.
  3. Add the V8, salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Adjust the consistency to your liking. I left the soup a bit on the thick end.
  4. Mix in the cream, lemon zest and lemon thyme, simmer covered for about 5 min.
  5. Serve hot. 
My two cents: This soup was a definite surprise.  Rich, creamy and very filling. Lemon zest and lemon thyme adds a unique dimension to an otherwise "carroty" flavor- thank you dear friend for your gift of the potted lemon thyme sprigs :-)) Since that first time, I've made this soup again, substituting the heavy cream with a bit of whole milk- still good.  This week, I'm going to try leaving out the dairy completely- will tell you how that went. In the meantime, be sure to try this one out...