Sunday, June 16, 2013

Muchri Roti : And reminiscing about Dad...

I find it strange how memories have a way of popping out of my head at the vaguest moment.  

Recently, I came across something called Muchri Roti on a blog post.  I had no idea what it was. But as I read through the recipe, it was though I was 10yrs. old, standing in my mom's kitchen watching her serve warm-straight-from-the stove rotis to my dad. She had a way of picking up the roti straight from the tawa onto the palm of her hand, lathering it with generous amounts of ghee, and then mushing it up by rolling her palm so that the roti separated into crusty layers. My dad called that roti "Muchri roti"- just like that blog post did.  I had never attached much significance to that name, or that roti. Although sometimes I did wonder why I could never get the flaky layers to separate in my cooking ever. Always attributed it to my lack of experience.  But turns out that Muchri Roti is in a class of it's own....

My two cents: I followed the tutorial in that blog post for 3 days- till I got even a semblance of Muchri Roti like it should be. The first time, I didn't get the pictorial and messed up big time. Then, it was too dense in the middle. Third time, I rolled it as best as I could, but the layers still didn't look flaky enough. But I am happy with what I have, for now. And this collage is the pictorial on how I made it.

Me making the Muchri roti: Photo courtesy- Anya.

  1. Knead dough as you would for roti/ chapati.  Set it aside for 10-15 min. 
  2. Take a golf-ball sized bit of dough, and roll it into a thin circle.
  3. Smear generously with oil, sprinkle some flour on it, then roll it up into a tight tube.
  4. Now roll the tube from the other end till you get a apple-snail like spiral.
  5. Seal the end, then roll the roti again, as thin as you can.
  6. Cook both sides on a hot tawa, pick it up, slather generously with ghee, and serve.

Dad @ Random: My dad ate a whole, big meal before going to office. Every morning, after his bath and Puja, he'd wrap himself up in a big brown shawl, and settled down in the kitchen on an aasan. And mom made his rotis while he ate. Over the years, they had fallen into a smooth rhythm, and his pace of eating gelled perfectly with her cooking. Now I find it amazing to think what 4 decades of marriage can do to your instincts. When he said he'd had enough; my mom always requested him to take one last one - the Muchri roti. He couldn't resist that.  And then came the last scrumptious 'manuhari roti', as it's called...

Like my mom, I made the Muchri roti with ajwain. I kneaded a generous amount of roasted crushed carom seeds in the dough. And when it looked like I had it right, I went ahead and made my dad's other favorite to serve with it Masala Aloo. A simple, earthy, everyday meal in memory of some special, earthy people....

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