Thursday, May 23, 2013

Orange Creamsicle

Baby P is taking an inordinate amount of interest in cooking now-a-days. First they made apple sauce and rice crispies in school. Then, not long ago, she came back with a Princess Tiana cookbook from her school library, spent a laborious one week reading all the "lecipes", asking me if we had a particular ingredient listed in the recipe or not, before deciding that we should make Jambalaya.
"It has meat in it", I said.
"No, we can make it without the meat- it will still be good".

So, I made Rajma Chawal, heaped them in a bowl and passed it off as Jambalaya

That night at dinner, we had a face that shone with happiness because she was eating what Princess Tiana eats for dinner. 

Realization hit home- hard - two days later. She come from school literally in tears. 
"I did nothing when you made Princess Tiana dinner- that's not cooking!!"
"But little kids can't cook- you've got to grow up a bit..."
It took some mighty effort to hush her down.

On our carpool later that week, she recounted this whole story to two other girls that I was driving to dance class.  The 7-yr. old I was driving added fuel to the fire by saying "we cook all the time with our babysitter...."
"What do you cook?"
"Muffins, and cakes and popsicles"
"But how do you make popsicles? Can I come to your house and you can cook with me?" Baby P invited herself over.

And from this 7-yr. old, baby P got her recipe for a fruit popsicle.

I procrastinated for a few weeks, until I stumbled upon this recipe for a yogurt orange popsicle. Seemed like the 7-yr old knew what she was talking about. That night, baby P cooked!

Orange Creamsicles

  • 6oz orange juice *
  • 6oz nonfat Vanilla yogurt *
  • 1 Tbsp. granulated sugar (optional)
* I used the yogurt cup to measure out orange juice.
  1. Blend the orange juice and yogurt until completely mixed.
  2. Add in the sugar, if desired. 
  3. Pour the orange and cream mixture into popsicle molds. Freeze until the popsicles are completely solid.
  4. Run hot water over the mold to release the popsicles. Serve and enjoy.
My two cents: We got ourselves 6 popsicles from this measure, and we're still working our way through them. I used Tropicana medium pulp orange juice and a yoplait kids vanilla yogurt. The popsicles are a tad- tart though. I'd recommend you add more sugar to make attractive to kids. Anya just ate one. Baby P has been asking for 1 every day since we made them.  Just an easy something that kids can do during summer. 

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