Monday, April 29, 2013

A breakfast to remember- Carrot and Orange juice

Our juicer got a new lease of life this weekend...and I had nothing to do with it. It was A's insistence. He remembers it off and on. Actually, he's the one that bought our machine a decade ago. Sadly, it hasn't been used as many times as the years it has lived in our house though. I knew that's what would happen to it when he brought it home one day from Macy's, excited as a kid, ostensibly for a very pregnant me.... I've lived through the juicer experience with my mom. Back then, it was a brand called Inalsa- might sound familiar to those of you growing up in India in the 80's. A brand new company at that time, exclusively sold and serviced through door-to-door sales, and came with a box-ful of attachments. 
Too expensive- my mom said.
I can take care of that- said daddy.
I don't need all that stuff in the box. Who needs a juicer when we have a juice-shop around the corner.
He's a filthy fellow. And his glasses are dirty.  (My dad really was a germ phobic....)
I still don't need it- too many little things to put together and clean up afterwards.
I will do the setting up, and cleaning. You get get the fruits washed and ready for juicing. I am there for everything else. (A typical Main Hoon na...clause, that works well putting an end to inane arguments...)

We got our juicer.
For the first week, my dad religiously did what he promised, and like it or not, we HAD to drink carrot juice.
Then, mercifully, he lost his steam. Soon, the big box of Inalsa earned a coveted space on top of our Godrej ki almari and gathered dust. My mom and I went back to taking our evening stroll to the corner of our neighborhood for a much more appreciated glass of "Mosambi ka ras". We'd also bring back a big glass of carrot juice for my dad. He always muttered about "no sense of cleanliness or health"under his breath, and glared despondently at the big cardboard box. But never offered to make the juice again.... :-)

For some reason, A seems to like carrot juice too. This time when he picked up a big bag at the produce store and said that we'll juice them; like my mom, I said it was his job. I didn't have time enough to set up and clean a juicer. He thought for a minute, then bought the carrots. They sat in the fridge for a whole 7 days, with 3 intermittent reminders . On Saturday morning, when I threatened to throw out the carrots, the juicer came out. 
"How many should I use?" he asked.  
"Before anything else, wash the juicer. Then wash and peel and the carrots."

He never came back into the kitchen. I had to even hand him his glass of juice out into the yard, which he discovered needed a lot of sprucing up right when I asked him to wash the carrots....

Carrot, Orange and Pineapple Juice

What is there to do here? Just get a bunch a fruits and veggies and run them through a juicer. For this glass here, I had

2 large carrots
1 navel orange
A few chunks of pineapple.

And you have a healthy breakfast for one...

My two cents: With A, I have a few happy memories of walking down to the juice shop in the first couple months of marriage. He used to stop by pretty often there on his way back from work. When he found out about my liking for mosambi and sugarcane juice (possibly from my parents...I don't think I ever told him), he took me a few times to this neighborhood shop.  He introduced me a mixed juice with pomegranate thrown in- that looking back, I'd really liked....
          But carrot juice, is another story. I can drink it; but I don't love it. Which is why adding a generous amount of citrus (like oranges) and pineapple makes it a bit more palatable to me. No denying that it has tons of healthy stuff in it though!
             One last thought- may or may not be true. Heard it from my parents. Fresh-squeezed juice is best consumed ASAP. Or it loses its nutritional value...

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