Friday, January 18, 2013

My "cook" shelf is growing...

A quick break the monotony of all the other writing I've been doing today....

Last week A came back with a bunch of books for me from the library's bin-sale.  Apparently he thinks that since I write mostly about food in this blog, I have a keen "interest " in cooking.  Little does he know that the best vacation I ever had was the one where all the food came with the lodging, so all I had to venture out was from the pool to dining room :-)) 

At any rate, now I am the proud owner of 5 cook books- the first one is going back to the library bin since it has almost no vegetarian dishes, the second one are "slow cooker" recipes- again mostly meat. But doesn't matter since I don't own a slow cooker- yet.  I  doubt if I even glanced at the other ones. The one that caught my eye and I most certainly intend to use is the one that is sort of like a diary where you can jot down the name of the restaurant you dined in, along with your order and comments.  Going through the month of December in this diary I found a whole page with printed matter.  Curious, I went through it....

The note in my food diary informs me that the word Soup originates from old Latin/Germanic "Sop"- a piece of bread used to soak up thick stews.  This was followed by a recipe for a Quick Tomato Soup , calling for canned tomatoes and old bread. I wasted absolutely no time...but since I can't follow a recipe, I added a couple of ingredients of my own.

Quick Tomato Soup

The recipe called for:
1 15oz can diced tomatoes
Salt and crushed Black pepper to taste
Old bread

I also added
A few crushed basil leaves
Some chopped dried apricots.

To 1 can of diced tomatoes, I added 2 can-measurements of water in a saucepan. Salt and crushed black pepper to taste. Bring it all to a boil, the lower the heat and simmer for another 15 min.

I added the basil leaves and chopped apricots during the simmer.

Break the bread into bite sized pieces, spray with some olive oil or non-fat spray, and toast in the oven while the soup simmers.

To serve: the book recommends pouring soup over the crunchy toasted bread.

My two cents:  I crushed black pepper using my newest addition to the kitchen- a coffee/spice grinder. Loved it!! Both the soup and the the grinder. Also kept the bread on the side, since the girls are finicky about food. We dipped our bread in "the modern way".....

I've never made soups using canned tomatoes. Definitely like the simplicity of this. Plus it is a recipe from a "cook-book" that A called my "early birthday gift" it's got to be a keeper;  right :-))