Friday, October 19, 2012

Delicious Fall: Pumpkinland and Apple Picking

Kindergarten is proving to be extremely extensive for us.....The first alphabet brought acorn and a  little burst of "but I have to find an acorn"...we did manage to find one in our yard; followed by "why isn't a squirrel coming to eat my acorn", ...when the acorn was safely tucked away under Baby P's pillow.

Then came Apples...and tears galore because 
1) The apples we had at home didn't have a leaf on them.
2) When we cut our apples; it didn't look like the "Parts of an apple" picture that Baby P had drawn at school.
Apple trees...laden with fruit
3) I did not know how to make "applesauce" the way their 'cheacher' did. 

Finally, about 2 weeks ago, she came home all excited....
"Do you know where we get apples from?"

"Um...Gentile's (our produce store)"

"From an ORCHARD. We HAVE to go apple picking in an orchard to get apples."

And so it went on; till this past weekend, we finally caved in and scheduled a trip to our local "pick your own" apple festival at Linvilla Orchards. The day was perfect; and they also had an ongoing pumpkin festival; which was fun.  Even though Baby P had eyes only for apples. So we picked apples.

Then I tried to point out the pumpkin patch to Baby P...

"You see the pumpkins growing there? That's a pumpkin plant."

My MIL was smitten with these acorn squash...

"No mommy, they're growing out of the ground....."
The nursery rhyme 'Peter, Peter Pumpkin eater'

"They're big; that's why they're on the ground. They still grow out of a plant."

"No they don't. My 'cheacher' said that only apples grow in an apple orchard. And we came to an apple orchard today."

And so I lost yet again ...

What she, and my MIL, did get excited about was the little acorn squash. All different shapes, colors and sizes. And very pretty.  My MIL couldn't believe for a long time that they were real, live fruits ...

We're back home, with our prized apples. I still haven't gotten down to making an apple sauce though. Also acquired along the way a carving pumpkin, and a promise to make a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween.  .......

Our "Batty" Pumpkin carving skills...

.............And now two weeks (or more) after I started this post, 

Baby P picked out the pattern, and scooped out the guts; while daddy dearest did the carving. Quite pleased I am with our this year's craftsmanship, I'd say.

We also have a pie pumpkin - that came from school because of a good coloring job . Not sure what I'm going to with them yet. Maybe a soup...or give the pie a shot.

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