Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creamy Potato Salad with cottage Cheese

I saw two of my former colleagues some time ago. They were both standing by a food truck outside ordering huge portions of sinful-looking delicious food with enormous sides of fries- french fries for one and onion rings for the other.  All the while, were excitedly pointing out to each others mid sections whilst bursting into giggles every second.  They were so immersed with each other that they totally did not see me.  I slid away unnoticed, and made a mental note of which one was having a boy, and who would be holding a tiny, pink bundle soon. 

Seeing them by those food trucks also made me nostalgic. When I was pregnant with Anya, I developed a serious sweet tooth. Not only did I crave sweets, I craved only one sweet- 'boondi ke laddoo'. At that time, there were no real Indian stores around campus that sold sweets. Yes you could buy dal-atta-chawal, but that was pretty much it. Both my mom and MIL tried sending me ladoos from India with friends- but one guy forgot them at home; and the other had to surrender them at the Airport Immigration. All my unfulfilled craving came to me in the form of a 5 pound 1ounce bundle who'd eat nothing, except serious sugar.  My mom said that my baby was so tiny and so fussy because I didn't get those ladoos..

With baby P, my cravings were more manageable- I wanted potatoes. I ate them every day, 3 times a day, in every form available. Another colleague, who was also pregnant at the same time as me, and I would go out to these very same food trucks for french fries at lunch time every day.  As our baby bumps grew, so did the size of our fries.  As an added bonus, I discovered a liking for potato salad sold at our local WAWA during this time.  So that became my 4 o'clock snack all through my pregnancy. And it didn't help that A bought me big sized aloo chat at least 3 times a week during this time.  All was well, till the time I held a really tiny 6-pound baby P in my arms and cried secretly at the 40-lbs remaining on me. Baby P also came with a preference for potato, and all things buttery and cheesy!!

In an effort to shed those extra pounds, I didn't look back at fries or potato salad for 3yrs.  Then these friends at the food truck made it impossible for me to stay away. I waited for the devilish urge to go away for a whole week....and then I just went ahead and made potato salad and ate it all myself!

Creamy Potato Salad with Cottage Cheese

Potatoes 2 medium, cut into small cubes
Cottage cheese 1 cup
Light Mayonnaise 4 Tbsp
Honey Mustard 1 tsp
Pickled relish 2 tsp
Salt 1 and 1/2 Tbsp

  1. Cook potatoes in water with 1 and 1/2 Tbsp salt till cooked, but firm. Then cool them.
  2. Mix together the cottage cheese, mayo, relish and mustard till thoroughly combined. 
  3. Combine everything together, chill and serve. 
My two cents: You see this huge bowl in the picture? I ate this all....seriously!! I ate some immediately after I took the pic, and saved the rest for the next day. And honestly speaking, it tasted better the next day. I shared some with baby P. But I hid most of it away for myself. Hopefully, now I can stay away for another three years.  Definitely doubt it though, because as soon as I finished that bowl, I went out and bought another box of cottage cheese.....another attempt to make it healthier- use light mayo and substitute a bulk of it with cottage cheese.  Don't know if it works- will let you know soon, because I definitely can't stop eating this!!

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