Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eggless vanilla Sponge Cake- for bookmarked recipes

Baking is not something that comes to me naturally- I am tempted to try on everything that I read about, but am too much of a chicken to do. What does appeal to me a lot are the eggless recipes.  
A and the kids eat eggs, and I am pretty impartial to using eggs in baking. But if I can lay my hands on any eggless recipes, I am absolutely eager to try them out. My main incentive being that my MIL comes to visit, and eggs get banned out of the kitchen, I can still sustain the kids hankering for a home-baked cake. I recently came across this recipe for an eggless  sponge cake that I had to try. I made this on Sunday to take to for the kids after-class-snack in Hindi school. As fate would have it, we missed Sunday Class (they changed venue quite suddenly), and I was left with a cake, but no kids!! My girls, a friend (one of the hindi class kids' mom)  and I polished off half the cake and I brought back the remaining to A.  He wolfed it down in less time than it took to mix the batter :-))

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daily Dinner (11): Meal- for- one- Vegetable Pulao

A's been travelling a lot recently. Don't get me wrong- it's not that I miss him when he's gone or anything like that (we've been married too long for me to be missing him- like really missing him).....I'm just telling you that he's been gone a lot recently. Although he doesn't do anything to help me around the house (as if I hadn't told you that a zillion times already); when he's gone, my tasks get multiplied 10-fold (just can't figure that one out for the life of me).  With him away, I find myself over exhausted and more irritated than usual (which he'll tell you isn't possible- the irritable part, I mean). With him gone, I also lose my reason, and my motivation, to cook. When he leaves, we spend the first couple of days polishing off the leftovers. By the third day or so, my girls get to choose between Maggi noodles or takeout Pizza (which makes them jump with undisguised joy, and makes me wonder why I spend so much time in the kitchen at all....). If he still isn't back, the girls get to eat cookies-and ice-cream for dinner while I make myself another cup of chai and glare morosely at my dried out toast (which dried because it sat too long while I sorted out which of the two girls had a bigger scoop of ice-cream in her bowl).  Most times, that is when fate intervenes and A comes back home - after calling me from the airport to let me know that he didn't get to eat lunch either (I'm not making this up- he always says that...) - and I thankfully gather my pots and pans and plan a menu in my head again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday Fudge- for Black & White Wednesday.

Our next door neighbors are the sweetest, most adorable, couple ever. Ever since we moved into this house five years ago, they've been our family away from home for us. Little thoughtful things that they do for us - like moving the trashcan out of the driveway, watching out for Anya if we're running late coming back from work, even helping us fix our old house as needed has pretty much made them absolutely indispensable to us. Seeing them potter around their home (and ours),  it is hard to believe that they're on the other side of their 80's. 

Mrs. L brought me her first box of fudge on Christmas eve 2006. I didn't think much of it then, except that it looked so pretty. She'd arranged the evenly cut pieces into an alternating pattern of dark and white chocolate fudge; and wrapped up the white box with a cute red and green ribbon.  Then I tasted it....and it tasted even better than it looked. I've been hounding Mrs. L for her recipe ever since. But she refuses to share. Apparently, one of her sons owns a restaurant; and this fudge is a highlight of his menu. He made Mrs. L promise not to give the recipe to anyone else.  But she makes up for it by giving me a box, sometimes two, for Christmas every year.