Monday, June 6, 2011

Awards and Tags....

I am walking on cloud nine, to say the very least. Fajeeda, of Faji's Hot Pot, has passed down a plethora of awards to me. Now I've drooled over these awards displayed on your blogs, and wistfully pined to get them myself. But never in my dreams did I imagine that I'd actually get them. So thank you, Dear Faji, for visiting my blog and liking it enough to send these awards my way. I can't tell you how this gesture has inspired me. I will always cherish this first award moment and this will definitely go a long way in keeping the motivation to blog alive in me.

According to tradition, having received these awards, I must share 7 things about me. And then pass on these awards to 15 new (for me) bloggers. 

So here comes.  Put your feet up, make yourself comfortable and hang on tight for the show of your life :-)) Here are the 7 things about me, that you may (or not) (care to) know about me!

  1. I aspire to be a very athletic person. In my dreams, I run marathons, swim , hike  and am just plain outdoorsy. In real life, my idea of an active life style is a leisurely walk around my house with frequent stops to admire the skies, flowers and bees and bugs.  My ideal vacation is the poshest resort with umpteen levels of room service and  spa packages. I can spend my entire life stretched out under a tree (on a comfy chair, of course), with a piles of books to scam through. And often I wonder why I have trouble shedding off those extra 10lbs!
  2. I am a clean-freak mom. Not the 'sqeaky-clean' kinds, but just the 'gather up and put it away' kind. I blow steam over clutter of toys and clothes that the girls (and A) leave behind  at every step. My family's actually learned to take my blows and whistles in their stride- they cover up their ears (and the messes they make), ignore the noise and move on!
  3. I know that some day, I'll win the Nobel- for inventing a self-cleaning house, clothes that don't need to be washed or ironed and food that appears out of nowhere. And while I'm it, I'll even make a car that drives itself......
  4. Of all the household chores, I hate ironing and washing dishes the most. Cooking and cleaning I tolerate, mostly because they're therapeutic in some respects. Plus the abject monotony of them gives my mind the time to wander and relax. Not so with doing the dishes or ironing though; where my wandering mind has resulted in copious numbers of broken china and steaming shirts.
  5. If I could, I would travel around the world and learn all the languages that there are. I'd also be a world-renowned photo-journalist, writer, painter, ballerina, pianist..............
  6. I would like to swim; if only I could get over the phobia of drowning and wearing a swim suit.
  7. I like to save the best for the last. So, if you're at a dinner table with me, then what's left on my plate at the end of the meal is what I liked the my childhood, I was (in)famous for saving a coveted piece of chocolate till it melted out of its wrapper, or got devoured by my younger bro, which in turn sparked days of blood-strained feuds. It's the same with clothes- my favorites are the ones that never see the light of the day!!
And I saved this (the best) for the last...sharing these awards. I'd like to share these awards with the following inspiring fellow-bloggers.

  1. Priya from Mharo Rajasthan Recipes.
  2. Raji of Vegetarian Tastebuds.
  3. Pari of Foodelicious
  4. Priya from Priya's easy N Tasty recipes
  5. EC from Easy Indian Cooking
  6. Ananda of A pinch of Love
Finally, I'd like to thank all my non-blogging friends, and family, for their inspiring recipes that I reproduce shamelessly, often without asking for permission. I also prod and poke at them in a very unflattering manner while I write, but hey, that's what friends are for- right! So grin and bear it and keep being my friends....Love you all.