Thursday, June 23, 2011

Deliciously Simple to Simply Delicious: Pindi Anardana Gobhi

I realize that the time I spend per week on this blog has gone up tremendously these past two months. (My bro rubbed this fact in yesterday when I talked to him- some things never change. I mean annoying siblings- let me not distract you however). But then I have a past as an obsessive journal writer.... As a kid, when I kept my daily journal, I wrote; oblivious to exams or laborious home works. Even getting punished for missed bed times didn't deter me. It was a beautiful navy blue leather-bound diary that I wrote in. And I tied it up with a rubber band and hid it under my pillow. The second one was brown leather. Then one day, my bro found them. And read them. And told everyone (my parents, that is, AND his buddies) my secrets from in there (see the relevance here- same annoying younger bro...). That was way too much exposure for a shy, melt-in-the-background tween/teen like me. I never wrote again. My dad tried, but I didn't. I think I burned my diaries in  an anti-sibling protest......

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chane ki Chatni: My Dad's favorite

Bengal Gram Sprouts: Chane ka saag
A couple weeks ago, I had asked you all to guess this plant from my kitchen garden. I was so sure that no one will have seen this sprout often enough to recognize it! I'm actually surprised  that a couple of you guessed it right- and that's you two; Meera and Seema. Well good for you- goes on to show that you're experts in matters pertaining to kitchen basics! It isn't always that those living in cities can identify the source of our food. This sprout in question on the left is Kala chana (Bengal gram), widely used in Indian cuisine in its myriad avatars.  Here, I am going to talk about one more use for it. This post is more talk, less recipe. So, bear with me as I bore you with the simplest recipe ever on my blog yet!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baking basics: Jeera Biscuit

I spend a lot of luggage-space bringing back food from India, both when we travel (which isn't often enough) and when I get my MIL to visit us. This past month, while A was busy finalizing his mom's travel plans, I was scribbling down hundreds of "most wanted" items. Then everything went haywire when he told me the new Airlines baggage policy, and asked me to pare down my almost nothing! The first things that got thrown off the list were my Jeera Biscuits, ostensibly because these are available in Indian stores in US. A refuses to believe that somehow the ones from back home are just different. Not to mention that they evoke special memories for me..........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daily Dinner (7): An Indi-Mexi Thali and a Quiz

Today's post is a lost-and-found affair. I took this picture and uploaded it, but it got lost amidst the cluttered desktop. Then I found the pic again, wrote a writeup, and thought I'd saved and posted it. Recently, while cleaning  up my laptop, I came across the picture again. Before deleting, thought I'd check back to confirm that I COULD  delete it...and realized that this post was nowhere on my blog. Keeping my fingers crossed,  hoping that  today I'll finally push the "PUBLISH"  button after this write up is done and not lose it for the third time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Awards and Tags....

I am walking on cloud nine, to say the very least. Fajeeda, of Faji's Hot Pot, has passed down a plethora of awards to me. Now I've drooled over these awards displayed on your blogs, and wistfully pined to get them myself. But never in my dreams did I imagine that I'd actually get them. So thank you, Dear Faji, for visiting my blog and liking it enough to send these awards my way. I can't tell you how this gesture has inspired me. I will always cherish this first award moment and this will definitely go a long way in keeping the motivation to blog alive in me.