Friday, May 27, 2011

@ Random

We've seen the brightest, sunniest days of the season this week.  And that's left me with a lot of feel-good feelings that I have to vent.  I came home from work yesterday to a quiet house: A had taken the girls swimming. That one hour of solitude gave me a chance to sit out on the deck and soak up the beauty that lay there. My lawn actually looks lush now, no brown anywhere and more grass than weeds. A big change from just a week ago when I thought it'd be brown all the summer. And I absolutely love the smell of fresh cut grass- sort of reminds me of the earthy smell of the first monsoon rain back home. The outdoors is so inviting and cheery ....bright sun, a riot of colors everywhere.
This tree you see here on the top is my favorite. I have no idea what it is called, but this is the first one to bloom in my yard- for all of three weeks. These light mauve flowers decked with flecks of purple are a treat for sore eyes after months of winter snow. This past week of bright sunshine has shriveled up all the beautiful flowers, but the beauty remains .I have the before and now shots for you on the left! Even though the flowers are gone, I still love its shape, and the place this tree stands- in my sight right outside of the kitchen window.  And the other side of the deck is day lilies (I think) that you see on the right. I am surprised I haven't noticed the purple ones till now. Apart from these two, there's also the peachy colored ones, and the reds that should be blooming soon. Since this officially is my first uninterrupted summer in this home... I'm looking forward to explore what comes when!
Then on the other side is the hydrangeas- in all their purple glory.  Technically they are our neighbors'. But I know they won't mind me calling it our own. They've caught me many times standing under these bushes talking to their flowers!  This year, I've planted two of my own - one blue and one purple. They seem to have taken root, I hope I get to see them flower too. 
Up in the front of the house,  our driveway is lined with fragrant peonies. It lifts my heart just to see bunches of large, sweet - smelling flowers on these droopy, fragile branches. Time to gather them up in a loving knot; my note for the to-do- list this weekend. I've also put in a rose bush up front. Keeping my fingers crossed. Being the klutz that I am at gardening, I do that a lot. Put things in the ground and keep my toes and fingers crossed! Last year, I had found a beauty of a jasmine plant - double petaled. It even flowered while it was in its pot. But as soon as I put it outside, it died. The same with a host of tulips and pansies and gladioli that I've tried to grow. Heck, I even killed the black-eyed susan and lavender, not to mention the rhubarb and chives,  that came with the house! 

The blueberries are all the way to the back of the yard Agreed that they're more 'green berries' right now. But they'll be blue soon. I've remembered to put a net over them this year, so hopefully, along with the birds and the squirrels, we'll get to taste them as well. That's my top priority of the season- to taste my very own blueberries- I have to keep reminding myself of this and check on them more often; before the little monsters eat them all.
Weather and the flowers isn't the only good thing lifting up my spirits. Between jury duty on Monday and relying on public transport to come to work the rest of the week, (my car's in the shop after that hit it took last week) I've caught up with my reading. And that makes me want to pat my own back. I had stocked up on Anya's and my reading material in March from our public library's bin sale. While she is almost finished with her stash, I felt so ashamed that I hadn't even started digging through mine. Agreed that this isn't exactly the genre of reading I was aiming for this month, but better late than never! I promise I'll pick up Yan Martel's The life of Pi next, and also complete it this time.

Finally, to cap off the week- my two experiments in the kitchen were so very SUCCESSFUL! You will hear about  them in this very space, sooner than later. I was so proud when my Jeera biscuits tasted perfect the first time I tried them. And as for the other thing, it is not quite ready yet, but I did take a sneak taste-sip out of the bottle yesterday. Tasted like it is almost there....but for now can you guess what's the red thing in that bottle on the right? Let me give you a clue. It needs to 'mature' in the sun before it is ready! Another is a Spring-time treat back in Delhi. Figure it out! And if you do, then drop me a line either here in the comments section or on my Facebook page.

Till then, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, and this weather before it gets unbearably hot!