Thursday, May 20, 2010

Venturing into the unknown- Cheese and Dill bread

I've always been a fan of artisan breads. The shapes, the distinct textures and flavors excite me. Not that we had much exposure to them back in India. Now, I make it a point to try out every new bread that I can lay find in the stores. And before I knew it, I got obsessed with wanting to try making them.For my first attempt, I picked on a fresh dill and cheese bread. Don't ask me why... As I've mentioned umpteen times in this blog, I am not much of a baker. So this project began with a lot of 'what ifs..." and "how tos..". Apart from the baking aspect, dill was a new herb for me as well. I just wasn't sure about it- but many of my friends were all praise for this highly fragrant herb and I dived headlong into baking this flavorful bread.